Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WordPress here we come...

I switched over today, so please bare with me in the transition.

For those of you who have not noticed the Web Theologian and Evangelist has dropped a word...Localization. My time with Welocalize has ended after a wonderful run. The next adventure is in the works and I will be thrilled to update you with more information as it is available.

For now check out and enjoy the new site. Also check out my friend Jeff's mocking words on this change:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

CLEAR's customer service

Last week after over a month of performance issues I decided to address CLEAR, so I called in. Technical Support could not help unless I shut down the service I pay monthly for two hours, Account Manager told me I should switch to another provider. So I went on to their Customer Support Portal and commented, starting the discussion.

This morning I got to log into my CLEAR account and they deactivated it. I had to go onto customer service chat to have them reactivate it.

"very technical", that is classic.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My facebook thoughts on Rob Bell

There is actually good conversations going on about Rob Bell. Martin Bashir's interview is almost childish; starting with can God create a rock too big to move? or at least the emotional charged equivalent which uses the tragedy in Japan in a cheap way. Martin has not taken a Philosophy 101 course, at least he apparently read Rob Bell's book.

If you are concerned/offended or whatever by Rob Bell please go to places where he is clearly refuted by orthodox scholarship not playground antics. Rob Bell has a clear history of stepping into it theologically, this is not his first rodeo. Yet like many of the Christian leaders and contemporaries of mine I am embarrassed but more embarrassed by our lack of charity and good pointed conversation. Please move beyond watching a brother squirm at the hand of someone who cannot enter into the basics of a civil philosophical/theological conversation.

Check out Jeff's thoughts here, pretty good...http://t.co/z9nVcdW

Sunday, March 6, 2011