Friday, October 5, 2007

Strange move from Microsoft

Perhaps I just don't understand the industry, or perhaps Microsoft has given up in the gaming world. Halo 3 debued in the words of someone at Microsoft today "as the largest entertainment debut in histroy" with $100 million dollars. I think that is including movies and games. Now they are out of it with Bungie Games who created it?

Or perhaps they would like to provide them with the freedom to access more money? I'm not sure.
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New Article that asks similar question:


As much as Apple would like to take credit for the split, the truth seems to be in flexability:


Chris said...

Note: I have no internal information on this.

I don't view this as Microsoft walking away from gaming or from Bungie. And MS will still hold a significant stake in Bungie. I think it's more that they want to let the Bungie team operate more independently and formalize that. Also, the dynamics of compesation in the gaming industry for successful gaming companies is pretty different than compensation for general use software. Allowing Bungie to be formally their own organization allows them to use different comp models. If they're a part of Microsoft they are stuck with the Microsoft comp models, which probably aren't the best fit for them.

michaelstevensrev said...

So with that in mind it might actually be a reward that is set up with Bungie for their success.