Monday, March 10, 2008

Arizona Rocks especially while running

So last weekend my family and I spent it in Scottsdale, AZ! What an amazing place. The views were beautiful, my only other tripto AZ was the Grand Canyon, and this was up there in overall beauty.

On Saturday Karin, Jon (my bro-in-law) and I went for a run which ended up being about seven mile and included a 400 ft. Hill. The above picture is part of the view from the top, amazing 360 degrees, breath taking beauty.

The part that made the run the most fun was how truly Arizona it was. First on the way down I slipped and caught myself without falling, the only problem was I kept myself running by grabbing a cactus. Needless to say there was lots of blood. The picture is great, looked much worse than it felt.

As we stopped to take a picture of my hand we looked at the sign and snapped a picture while Karin ran by. Beware of AFRICANIZED BEES JUST OFF PATH!!! Glad we avoided them.

The trail ended in someone's back yard. Instead of getting to know the neighbors we had to cut through uncut desert to get back to the road and eventually a trail. On our way there, I heard what sounded like a rattle. Thinking I was paranoid imagining things I went the opposite way to be safe. After getting on the road I asked if Jon or Karin had slipped while behind me, then Karn looked at me and said I heard it to...A RATTLE SNAKE. So no lie while running in Arizona we had close calls with a cactus, africanized bees, and a rattle snake! The wedding was great, but the run made the trip:)

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Jeff and Jodie said...

is that sweat on you? or sun tan lotion?