Friday, May 2, 2008

The Full move into Geekdom

It's bad when I still get excited out on the Microsoft Campus or at, but yesterday it went to an entirely new level. Yesterday I am working in the Bay Area. As I drove around Silicon Valley I had the normal excitement of all that is going on there. I realized I had moved to an entirely different level, when I turned in Palo Alto, and without seeing a sign recognized then proceeded to act like a teenage girl in the audience of American Idol when I saw...Xerox. Yes the main building for Xerox corporation. When I sold copiers I hated them, simply because they were the best. After reading about them recently and finding out that basically everything that has been invented (at least for computers) started there! Anyway even with my appointments yesterday and seeing old friends the thing I wake up this morning thinking about is the feeling I had when I saw that building...Geek.


stephy said...

Good God.

michaelstevensrev said...

Think I am finally being honest. It took giving our second daughter a name from sci-fi before I admitted being a sci-fi geek. Sad I know.