Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Granddad #3

vultee Imagine being newly married, serving in the military, and not connected like we are today.  My grandfather spent plenty of time waiting in lines to make a phone call to my grandmother who had moved back to Tacoma Park, MD to say with my great-grandparents while my granddad was training.
The men he trained with were from all over the country, many poor from rural areas of the south or hills of Appalachia who had never lived with modern indoor plumbing facilities (that just means they were from my mom's side of the family;)  One classmate did not even have a pair of winter shoes until he was seven years old, and he lived in snows there.  In March 1944 my grandfather graduated primary pilot training.  Lt. Stevens went to George Field in South Carolina.
At George Field my granddad conducted more advanced training on the Vultee BT-13.  This plane was nicknamed the Vultee Vibrator because of how it would shard and rattle. 

vultee color

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