Thursday, July 10, 2008

Huge Event for the Stevens

Okay, so tonight Aidyn learned to drive a two wheel bicycle!  This is huge.  I asked Aidyn where she wanted to walk tonight.  So she said down to her school and she wanted to ride her bike.  She had not gotten up the courage since a really bad wipe out last year.

So we went down, I took off the training wheels.  And the first 30 minutes were tough.  We tried both the pavement and on the grass neither were working and I could tell it was mostly in Aidyn's head.  So I continued to ask  her what she wanted from me.  Then she said, Dad you  need to let go when I tell you.  I took a deep breath because that was as hard for me as it was for her.  I did it and she cruised across the lawn. 

As you can imagine she had the greatest look of accomplishment on her face.  I sang my version of Queen's, We are the Champions!  She was all over the place after that, grass, blacktop, she even rode the entire way home.  This is one of those events that make you realize how special kids really are!

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John Haralson said...

That's so AWESOME! You go, girl.