Friday, October 29, 2010

Becoming a masterpiece

Did you know that Michaelangelo's David was made from a piece of marble so ruined it was deemed of no value by other artists? This is what I just read in Dick Staub's book, About You. There are two parts of this that blow me away. First that artist have to, usually because of cost, work with rubbish to make their art. These are the prophet's of our age and they are left with ordinary means, often less then ordinary.

Second what a beautiful picture of God's kingdom. Anyone who thinks of themselves as rubbish and unworthy is exactly who God turns into David. In my own life I recognize God is working with a mess, weak and fragile. The place of faith is believing that there is a David under there and to live in that.


chevas said...

Yes yes yes. Apart from Christ, the ultimate artist, we are sill broken people, disgraceful material, and remembering our brokenness reminds us of our need. If we forget this, then we don't see our need for Him to continue his work in the areas still untouched or hold together those areas that have yet to be fired in the kiln of Heaven. The David is a finished product, but we are not.

GarretAdkins said...

dude, so awesome! Want to put that one up on facebook so people I know can read it too.

michaelstevensrev said...


Sweet and thanks for the encouragement. I totally agree that we must not ever think that we can become our David without God, that is the mistake made but just about everyone. Those who don't follow Christ don't even think about it, those who follow Christ think God is lucky to have them once they start "getting better" and act the same way...Like they don't need Him. The picture of David in the marble to me blows the doors off of overpowering shame that many people have about their lives, followers and non-followers.

michaelstevensrev said...

G - thanks, they all get posted to bookface from my twitter account.