Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have been cooking

Since Taitum has been born I've been in the kitchen! It has been great because normally working late prevents me from making any sort of meal worth talking about But these last few days I've really gone all out and Karin and I have enjoyed it. Karin said to me we should think of opening a restaurant, which I think she just said to be nice and because some good friends of ours are talking about it. My thoughts on it are this, it is the rare restaurant that makes lots of money. So it would not be the best investment. Also I don't really love cooking that much or serving people. What I love is to eat! Eating is what motivates me to throw down in the kitchen. And I often prefer to eat things others have made me! So perhaps investing in a restaurant would be the way to go...only if it is close to my house and I could eat there regularly:)


cardiphonia said...

amen to that. and drinking wine!

michaelstevensrev said...

Yes drinking lots of wine:)