Friday, December 21, 2007

The Road of Relationships is a wild one...what are you riding in

I have been convinced that the only thing that matters in life are the relationships you build. The old question, "What's going to be going through you mind on your death bed?" Not which stock you should have bought, whether you went to the right school, or the deal you should have closed, but rather was I a good dad, husband, friend, co-worker, etc.

This bus is a reflection of that to me. Hugh the artist who created the Blue Monster created it after talking to people about why the still work at Microsoft when they could make more money and not take so much crap at other places. The story is online in a few places check out Hugh telling it. From there the monster was born, now there are stickers, a facebook group, t-shirts, wine, and even a bus.

Also what is cool to me is the people on this bus. The are smart active people who probably rub each other a great deal. I use te term rub intentionally because though they don't see eye to eye on everything and probably get on each other's nerves there is a collective connectiveness about their work that makes one another better.

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